Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Faris at the fair and on the tube

Bluewoman and I were at the fair again yesterday, checking stuff out and eating a lot of good food!

We checked out a lot of political booths and all sorts of other fun stuff.

We'll post the photos later, but we did notice that Faris changed her booth a bit. She removed the Al Franken and Norm Coleman "slash" signs, as well as covered up her slogan, "A Minnesota solution to a New York problem". It was covered up on both the side and in the front.

Now, I am watching her on "Between the Lines".

Faris is encouraging Republican's to "cross over" and vote in the DFL primary. "I have a lot of conservative friends who support me. I have a lot of conservative ideas but I am a true blue Democrat".

From her website, where she is encouraging Republicans to "cross over" and vote for her in the 9/9 primary.
I urge you to vote for me in the Democratic Primary. You may not vote in both the Democratic and Republican primaries at the same time, but by voting in the Democratic Primary on September 9th, you are NOT prohibited from voting for candidates from either party in November.

Faris just made the argument that because she has tragically lost her son to a drunk driving incident, and that Franken, Coleman, or any other politician have NOT lost a loved one in Iraq, that she is more qualified to serve, based on knowing the personal pain of losing a loved one.

She'll be lucky to get 15% in the primary...counting the cross over voters she's courting.

Pictures coming later!

1 comment:

eric zaetsch said...

On WHAT issues is she conservative?

Second Amendment?

Roe v. Wade?

War with Iraq and Iran?

Environmental stewardship vs. favoring greater present resource extraction?

Where is she closer to the GOP line than Franken is?

Would she join the questionable Klobuchar support of nickel and copper mining on the Iron Range?

When I voted Klobuchar I expected more, and I am disapointed at what appears to be too concessionary a position to take initially.

The Faris website does NOT appear have the specific crossover solicitation language you posted as a quote anywhere I could find it.

This was an actual comment she made publicly in a broadcast?

Do you have a web link or if televised, anything from the broadcast to post or link to?

On her website she says does not like Franken because he's lived in New York and entertainment industry people give him money. That is there.

Not that he would not do a good job; not that she'd do a better job, except saying, "If you believe we have to take charge of our government and send people to Washington, D. C. who can reach across the aisle and get things done, please join me in this campaign. I am running because I believe that most of all we want to be proud of our senator. We are tired of unnecessary partisanship, endless bickering and negative political assaults."

That sounds like Mark Kennedy last election. And like Norm, now, trying to distance himself from his Bush and Cheney roots.

It as if she's Tinklenberging for votes. All things to all people, without saying why/how she's so "conservative."

And this, "He [Franken] has demeaned and insulted other Senators and office holders, the very people he will have to work with to accomplish anything in Washington." He's a satirist. And he's not supposed to take the easy shots at the likes of Dan Qauyle, Joe Lieberman, Trent Lott, or Newt Gingrich?

Why not?