Friday, August 22, 2008

State Fair: Day 1 Fun

I had a lot of fun at the fair today.

Priscilla Lord Faris had a few clowns hanging around outside her booth later in the day today!

Found the Dean Barkley for US Senate booth, which was consistently busy throughout the day.

Barkley talking to some high school students who will cast their first votes in the September 9th Primary.

Talking health care!

Caught Steve Sarvi on the Jack Rice show. He dominated once again, talking about Iraq and the energy crisis.

Marty Seifert was in the GOP booth, touting welfare abuse and getting his minions fired up about that.

Al Franken's booth was overstaffed until Franken showed up, then a group of 50 people swarmed the booth, getting pictures and autographs.

Priscilla Lord Faris had a booth placed near the DFL booth ( I am told that PLF has actually not placed her booth in the correct location, that she simply plopped it down within the DFL booths sight line) that was pretty quiet.

Jack Aldrich had a lonely booth as well.

Lots of Obama stickers and shirts. McCain had a good presence, but I wonder how many Minnesotans will put up with someone who does not know how many houses he owns?

All told, long fun day! Bluewoman and I will make our annual State Fair appearance next week!

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