Thursday, August 07, 2008

Farm Fest Ponderings

I've had a few conversations with people who were in attendance. They all say Franken was not impressive, that he appeared to simply jump into attack mode and offer no real solutions.

I've seen reports that this was a very conservative audience/group to discuss these issues with.

While I understand that the Senate and Congressional debates were separate, I'd think that the crowd would not have changed that much over time. People wanting to see political debates were there to see just that.

For instance, if this crowd were so conservative, why would Bachmann and Kline ditch this event? It would seem like a great opportunity to "preach to the choir" even though they voted against the Farm Bill...they're conservative...right?

Why would such a conservative crowd spontaneously applaud Congressman Walz for his work for farmers?

I went to Farm Fest in 2006, I found the crowds to not be staunchly left or right, but concerned about farm issues. Duh...

Just because it's held in what we label a conservative area, does not necessarily mean the crowd was overtly conservative. Even with $3.50 gas, people flock to stuff like this.

BTW, I hear Steve Sarvi rocked it out at this event. I hear he was very well spoken on the issues, and despite the temptation to take a shot or two at John Kline, he kept himself to the issues.

Some I spoke to were concerned that Elwyn Tinklenberg spoke to much about Congresswoman Bachmann not being at the each their own.

From what I have heard from my peeps on the ground, Franken simply lost a great opportunity to actually debate Coleman and not fill the day with rhetoric and attacks.

Many say that Dean Barkley was the star of the show...


TwoPutt said...

So, basically, what we have here - FarmFest - is an event that was by and large not covered by progressive bloggers.

taxpaying liberal said...

Progressive bloggers seldom leave the safe confines of the twin cities area.(except Blue man)
And why bother when they have already made up their minds about what they are going to say.

Blue man said...

The F in DFL does stand for Farmers right?

Not Franken?

He's been doing bean feeds across the state for 2 years and has spent a great deal of time in rural areas.

He should have done better in this setting.

How can it be a Republican crowd for the US Senate debate but a Democratic crowd for the US House debates?

Franken disappointed again...

eric zaetsch said...

Glad to hear Sarvi did well. TwoPutt, first, what's a "progressive blogger" and second, Farm Fest was wherever, a long drive from Anoka County, and I don't farm or know much about agriculture except that Cargill and friends have diverted food crop into ethanol with the cost-benefit balance questionable at best - but great for corn growers, Cargill, and the commodity markets.

But it is good that Blue Man has info. And great that Sarvi and Walz did well or appeared to do well.

Tink, I give him credit for putting in the commute. He's positioning for the center support.

I am surprised Bachmann did not show up, high-heels pearls and all. She's in the past seldom missed a photo op, but looks poised to run a treasure trove contest.

We'll all have to endure those awful 30 sec/60 sec things during the Viking preseason and early games, along with selling trucks and beer. And the retirement fear mongering from the commission hounds in that community.

What will the politicians say about themselves, their opposition? In 15 sec sound bites? I'm already ready for November. How about you?

ESP said...

Well ... I had to work. That's why The Big E didn't go.

Having read over and analyzed the transcript, Franken offered plenty of solutions. Coleman had to dodge a good number of questions because he'd voted to screw the non-millionaires. His support of free trade would be a perfect example.

Check it all out at Norm Coleman's FarmFest lies

Blue man said...

Indeed, Norm Coleman sucks bad.

Transcripts are transcripts. If Franken says all the right things, but says it in a way that does not resonate with does not matter.

It sounds like Franken's tone at Farmfest took away from his words.

Sally Jo said...

Hey--I liveblogged the congressional debate at Bluestem Prairie, and Paul Demko from the Minnesota Independent covered both of them, so don't count all progressive bloggers as one.

Farmfest set up a wireless hot spot in the forum tent for the media, so liveblogging was a snap. This was helpful, too, because my wireless card couldn't find a signal in that part of Redwood County (unusual for rural Minnesota).