Friday, August 08, 2008

Lord Faris Continues to Star on MDE

We get it Senator Prissy. We get it.

We've heard all the stuff about Franken day in and day out for months now.

You don't like Al Franken.

Reiterating Brodkorbs talking points does nothing for your campaign.

Instead of talking day after day about Franken and pornography and drunk driving jokes, tell us what you are going to bring to the race.

So far, all I have seen is a strong pattern of negativity from the Lord Faris campaign.

Which makes me wonder, who is funding all this stuff?

The Lord Faris August 20 FEC report will be a must read...that's for sure!


Jeff Rosenberg said...

Vote Coleman/Bush/Faris/Brodkorb '08!

Man, there's a lot of them in bed together.

eric zaetsch said...

Faris probably will show up as mainly self funded. Drunk driving, nobody likes the risk to others. Like Patty Wetterling she lost a child, to a drunk driver in an accident. Wetterling went without closure, but either way it is hard. The Colemans have had two children reach adulthood but a repeated rare genetic difficulty caused two losses. All of these things should not be ignored or regarded lightly. But there was a time for this well before the endorsement process. There was a time to speak forcefully for Jack. You did. I did. If Faris did, it never got heard. Then Jack conceded, graciously. I liked Jack, I liked Mike, Mike bailed out, Jack did not have the delegate count, so it's Franken and I like Franken. Third choice but among three excellent candidates. I have no problem going with the DFL choice. Had Faris been in it from the start and been endorsed, I would have no problem with her over Coleman or Barkley. The primary might have a surprise but I do not see that. November it likely will be Coleman, Franken, and Barkley playing spoiler. Barkley is no Ventura - there will be no November surprise that way.

It will be Franken, unless it is Coleman, and for me the choice there of Franken is an easy one.