Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Lord-Faris / Mattson connections

Al Franken has taken quite a few hits recently. Most notably of late, the hits have come from within from Priscilla Lord Faris and her campaign.

One of my friends called it swiftboating.

I got a call from Jennifer Mattson a few weeks ago asking if I would interview Priscilla Lord Faris and possibly support her candidacy. We all know the story from 2006.

Matt Entenza came under fire for hiring someone to look into Mike Hatch's past and some interesting dealings with United Health Group.

Mattson jumped all over the race and worked to push Entenza out, which he did after the DFL convention endorsement.

Miles W. Lord was the chair of the Mattson for Attorney General Committee.

Mattson's fight with Entenza was a highlight on MDE for a considerable amount of time.

Jump to 2008, Al Franken is in some serious trouble in the US Senate race.

Priscilla Lord Faris jumps into the race, after the convention and after all the debates have taken place. She runs an aggressive campaign calling for more debates and attacking Franken on a daily basis. She is a star on MDE daily.

Jennifer Mattson is assisting Lord Faris through this attack laden campaign and Jennifer's father, Bob Mattson, a former State Auditor and Treasurer, is coordinating for Lord Faris as well.

The Mattson-Lord Faris connection in both the Entenza and now the Franken races is strong.

In my opinion, the Mattson 06 AG run was simply about attacking Entenza and putting pressure on him to withdraw, which they were very successful with.

The Lord Faris 08 campaign has the same people in place and are pushing for the same result. They want Franken out of this race and they will do anything to accomplish that.

I'm not the biggest Franken guy, in fact, I will probably vote for Dean Barkley this year as I resonate with him better than Franken.

In essence, the Lord Faris Mattson group has been exposed for what they really are.

A group of "Democrats" that gets into races at the last possible minute to play spoiler. The connections between the Mattson 06 AG run and the Lord Faris 08 US Senate run are strong enough to indicate that. There are too many key players that worked on both campaigns for this to be a mere coincidence.

Priscilla Lord Faris needs to knock off the BS. She's reciting the MDE talking points verbatim, bringing us nothing original in this campaign. Franken should have been vetted months and months ago and will be the subject of attack by the Brodkorbs and others for the final 90 days.

Uncovering the Mattson-Lord Faris connection makes me distrust this group of "Democrats" even more.

Dean Barkley is the solid third option here!

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Aaron said...

I had a few questions for the PLF campaign this week and after I contacted them through a form I got a voicemail back from Bob Mattson representing the PLF campaign... from a Ft. Myers, FL area code.

Noting it was *Bob Mattson* that called me, I realized I didn't even need to call him back.