Monday, August 04, 2008

Monday night musings

Hot and sweaty night here at the Wright County Outpost...

It was a pretty interesting day to say the least. Woke up this morning to my good friend Chris announcing his opportunity to work of Dean Barkley's US Senate campaign. I think it's a great fit for Chris and the campaign.

Watching the crap between Norm Coleman and Al Franken brings out my strong independent streak. While the majority of this blog criticizes conservatives and, in general, politics from the Republican point of view, the inside baseball in these races and in the Congressional Districts gets to you.

I remain staunchly liberal on social issues. I deny an label of being "fiscally conservative". I choose to discuss where I am fiscally as "fiscally responsible", neither liberal nor conservative.

I've found some conversations I have had with a good number of friends recently as disturbing. It seems that since some of my friends are not liberal enough, or have opinions that are contrary to some in leadership positions, that they have been pushed out by local party leaders.

This is very problematic for a Democratic Party in Greater Minnesota. Instead of being a party that embraces diversity of thought and opinion (if you bucked Elwyn Tinklenberg earlier in the year or have not swallowed a couple of gallons of the Al Franken kool-aid) you are persona non grata amongst "leadership".

It's sad and disturbing. Leadership has no idea what they are doing, no grasp of party building out here.

Whether it's pulling apart a strong county unit or pushing other strong, supportive workers out, the political climate out here is changing.

What they have done, is disenfranchise a growing number of moderates who will begin work for Independent candidates.

Hence, I am supporting Dean Barkley and his run for US Senate. (Dean Urdahl is probably pleased that another Dean made the blog...don't worry Mr Urdahl, we'll have some fun posts for you coming soon!)

Watched Michele Bachmann debate Congressman Inslee and other Democrats at a New Orleans Energy Forum tonight.

I'll tell you how entertaining it was...I turned the channel from C-SPAN earlier and Bluewoman wanted me to turn it back.

Yep, I watch Jon and Kate Plus Eight with her and now she watches C-SPAN with me. With the wedding coming up in about 3 months, it's a pretty cool addition to our joint activities's a strength area right...


Oh yeah, we got wedding bands this weekend too...not the kind you listen to either!


eric zaetsch said...

We split both ways.

I like Franken. A lot.

I have major problems with Elwyn Tinklenberg. Major. It it is not a policy thing. It's a character thing.

Chris I know only from his published commentary. He's not an ounce of duplicity or inconsistency to it. He is admirable even while I disagree with him over Franken.

His opinions are worth reading - a complement I give you also. His character is admirable. He does not shill. Shutting down the blogging if/when working on a campaign shows a lot - Brodkorb should observe and learn.

Yet this Team Franken thing, vs. Franken the candidate - Chris is correct to perceive something of a problem there but personalities among staff are NOT what the Coleman-Franken race is about.

Barkley's role, if any, will be spoiler. A non-factor otherwise.

I am an independent on the other side on social issues from where you indicate you are, but on waste and dishonesty - misgovernment - I think it's always to be opposed and it seems worse at the local level.

Seeing error in some leadership and saying so, we share that.

And we agree 100%, Sarvi winning would be tremendous. In the best of worlds Coleman and Kline might look at each other after the election and start a lobbying firm together.

TwoPutt said...

Well, my friend - ya gotta do what your heart tells ya to do.

Me? I'm sticking with Franken; he knows and understands veterans issues better than I do.

I have to acknowledge that I've seen DFLers that forget a major lesson taught by Wellstone: "No permanent friends; no permanent enemies."

The reality is that those you are fighting with on a policy disagreement this morning, may be those that you need and agree with on a different policy this afternoon.

Wellstone recognized that; it's a shame more people don't.

Blue man said...

Thanks TPT! It's pretty frustrating really. I'd love to help but when you get pushed out and disrespected, it's hard to want to stand up next to the same person who will stab you in the back at their first opportunity.

I guess I'm an independent liberal progressive...