Tuesday, August 05, 2008

So, this is a vacation?

Last night I heard Michele Bachmann talk about the House going into recess and that members were "going on vacation when an energy crisis is facing America".

Ollie has a good post up on this fallacy!
Congressman Walz has never treated the recesses as "vacations," but as district work breaks during which he can meet with constituents. The congressman has held dozens of open, public meetings about veterans, farm, small business, education, economic development, energy, and other issues while Congress is in recess. The schedule for this recess hasn't been released yet, but we don't expect to see Walz loafing around.

Come on now! Where's the mention of golf? How about sitting on one's hind end exaggerating qualifications or offering no concrete solutions to the biggest problems facing America?

A vacation?

Is she serious?

So, coming back to one's district to have forums and conversations with constituents constitutes a vacation?

Bachmann has been AWOL, short of a publicity stunt at a gas station a month ago, Bachmann has been in Alaska, New Orleans and pretty much everywhere else BUT her congressional district.

As for Brian Davis...I think he has no concept of what he's gotten himself into. He'll be in need of a long vacation (perhaps on some of that rural land he owns) after Tim Walz out works him on his "vacation"!

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