Tuesday, August 05, 2008

John Kline's Dirty Campaign Tricks

Mike McIntee at the Up Take has an awesome video of John Kline's dirty campaign tricks.

Getting the word out on this is very important! We cannot allow Kline to do this again.

Kline sent one of his attack dogs after Steve Sarvi and now they have been exposed for the fraud they are! Great work!


MNObserver said...

Great work!

MNRedGuy said...

Cornering a candidate in a public forum and asking them perfectly legitimate questions is a far different thing than going into someone's Congressional Office (posed as a supporter) and trying to get them to take an illegal contribution - like David Bailey did.

Mike, this is a non-story and you know it.

On a side note, you must have incredible peripheral vision. I swear to God, your eyes are so far apart that I bet you can hear yourself blink. In the future please just do voice-overs, yours is not a face made for video.

TwoPutt said...

Kline's dirty tricks are legendary. So is mendacity, as is his staff's.

Link here, to watch staffer Mike Osskopp tell HUGE WHOPPERS:


If you pay attention, you'll note Diane Bratlie trying to block the camera guy, at the end....