Tuesday, August 05, 2008

A Conversation With Dean Barkley: Part 1

Interviews are an area that Blueman needs a bit of work in. With that said, I had the pleasure of talking to former US Senator Dean Barkley.

On his way down to the Farm Fest debate down in Gilfillan, MN.

I spent a half hour talking about our roots in Annandale Minnesota, Iran/Iraq and Veterans issues, energy, the farm bill, immigration and a slew of other fun topics.

We had a fun yet serious conversation.

Barkley, while facing a significant challenge in the US Senate race, remains very upbeat and spoke candidly about this issues.

16 years ago, Senator Barkley ran for Congress. He spoke passionately about a $3 trillion deficit, a health care crisis on the horizon, a broken social security and Medicare system, campaigns that were in perpetual fundraising mode, and a two party system that deadlocked Congress.

Despite changes from a Sony Walkman where I could play my Hall and Oates tapes to an IPOD that can hold hundreds of hours of music and podcasts, somethings change, but politics remains stagnant.

A late entry into the US Senate race, Barkley expressed great concern over the issues impacting Americans most.

Rising gas prices and a failed energy policy.

Political gamesmanship on both sides of the aisle on the price of gas and dependence on foreign oil.

A $10 trillion deficit.

A dollar that is declining in value.

A war in Iraq and saber rattling with Iran.

The health care crisis.

Barkley is in this race for the right reasons. I could hear the passion and concern in his voice as he spoke passionately on the issues.

The dueling bowling ads by Coleman and Franken brought out a pretty light hearted moment. Barkley was quick to point out that while he could beat both Franken and Coleman in a bowling match, that he's got the experience, political will, and demeanor to defeat both Coleman and Franken in November, when it really matters.

He promised two things.

1. He will go to Washington again and show the political courage to do what's best for Minnesotans.

2. He will not bore us to death with boring TV ads!
Barkley ads an interesting dynamic to the US Senate race. He's polished on the issues and brings a passionate zeal to the race, someone who will be able to go toe to toe with both Coleman and Franken.
We'll have more on the conversation with Senator Barkley later...
Go check his website out here! Donate, donate, donate!

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