Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bachmann and Kline AWOL from FarmFest

Larry Schumacher has some excellent coverage of the Congressional debate at FarmFest!

Part I
Part II

Bachmann and Kline must have thought this was the sort of event that occurs while one is on vacation...

The fact that Congresswoman Bachmann and John Kline failed to attend this event is disturbing. Their opponents attended the event and did a wonderful job. Both Elwyn Tinklenberg and Steve Sarvi left the debate as two candidates for Congress who impressed.

Bachmann and Kline are running scared...scared to engage Tinklenberg or Sarvi in a debate format. I know a couple of O-6's that would be disappointed in the fact that the Colonel went AWOL while the Sergeant shined.

Tinklenberg on Bachmann's Farm Bill Vote:
Tinklenberg – Would’ve vote for it. Opponent did not vote for it, which may explain why she’s not here today.

But then again, she hasn’t been with you all that much all along.

Schumacher also posted the closing remarks for each panel member: go check them out at Larry's blog at the SC Times!

Ollie over at Bluestem Prairie also has some great detailed coverage of the event, be sure to head over there and check out her great work too!

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