Saturday, August 09, 2008

Unelectable Mark Olson Endorsed

We're now awaiting Mandy Moore's endorsement of the Bible throwing, domestic assault convict, global warming denier, PRT lover, and long winded speaker Mark Olson.

Olson, having been convicted of domestic assault last summer, was dumped by the House Republican Caucus, and lost the HD 16B endorsement race to Mary Kiffmeyer, prior to announcing his run for the State Senate.

Following Ron Carey's playbook...perhaps Speaker Kelliher and Senator Clark ought to hold a press conference at the Capitol and ask Rep Sondra Erickson and Mary Kiffmeyer to disavow any and all connections to Mark Olson.
"We are a party of local control, and the Senate District 16 Republicans have endorsed Mark Olson, and we respect that decision," said Minnesota Republican Party communications director Gina Countryman.

Sure you do Gina...sure you do.

Will Allison Krueger, who's name will still appear on the Sept 9th primary ballot, stay true to her word and not actively campaign?

Olson's past will surely be in play this election cycle. It's a great opportunity for Democrats to pick up yet another seat in the State Senate!

Good work SD 16 Republicans...what were you thinking?


Adam J. Weigold said...

ROFL... "We are are a party of local control... and we respect that decision..."

I think it's been quite clear the MN GOP under Carey's leadership picks and chooses when they are a party of 'local control' or not.

eric zaetsch said...

It sure has the smell of a deal, the House seat is vacated by Olson to give Kiffmeyer the go; the Senate seat is vacated to give Olson a go; musical chairs; Gilbert & Sullivan GOP Operetta - exit them all stage right - this November.

That area - ignore local control - get the wells tested. It looks as if too much agrichemical content leaches into the aquifer -- and it's upstream on the aquifer from Ramsey which explains the Ramsey Town Center having been viewed as a good idea [but Met Council has no excuse for pushing that one, they're on Twin Cities municipal water at headquarters, except it's not an excuse but an explanation, they're a bunch of planners and we all know planners cannot think straight].