Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Barkley in the Annandale Advocate

Chuck Sterling always does great work in political journalism! He has a story on Dean Barkley now in the Advocate.
The two-party political system is destroying the country, Barkley said, because of its inability to deal with any of the issues due to the bickering and gridlock between Democrats and Republicans.

The only way to change it is to stop electing them and to send Barkley to Washington as a message that the parties have to change their ways or voters will send more Barkleys.

If you're happy with the political system we have now, then vote for it, he said.

"If you're not, then you're wasting your vote by voting for either Coleman or Franken."

"Why not vote for real change instead of pretend change?"

A Minneapolis Star Tribune Minnesota Poll about two weeks ago found that support for Coleman and Franken had shrunk since May because of their negative campaigns against each other. Barkley had benefited and was the choice of 13 percent of people polled.

"That's helping me right now," Barkley said, and he believes it will help him get into the 20 percent range.

His strategy is to use five debates coming up in October to propel himself into contention just as Ventura did.

He plans to answer questions with complete candor, Barkley said, and when people see the contrast with the other candidates his approval numbers will climb.

"People want someone who'll tell them an honest answer," he said. "Unfortunately honesty in politics is an anomaly."

Barkley will be at Russells Bar, Main Street Annandale from 6-9. $10 at the door gets you food, music, and fun with Senator Barkley!

I think I'll have to make a guest appearance...

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eric zaetsch said...

Same for Bob Anderson, in MN 6?

Or Barkley's different?

I don't see it.