Monday, September 22, 2008

Barkley on the Rasmussen Poll

"After a week in which the economic crisis reached new heights and Al Franken and Norm Coleman sunk to new lows, it takes a willful ignorance to believe that either of them could've gained ground in public opinion polls.

"This poll is clearly an outlier, reflecting dramatically different results from recent polling released by KSTP-Survey USA and the Star Tribune. If other campaigns want to cling to a fantasy, that's their prerogative. Meanwhile, we'll be talking to Minnesotans about the big issues facing our country and we're confident we'll continue to gain support and momentum."

Yep, keep thinking Dean Barkley will get 3%. Barkley will capture at least 20% in the race, the negative ads are taking their toll on both Franken and Coleman, people are getting sick of it.

Granted, there is no scientific validity to the KFAN thread, but it does expose some serious concerns behind both Franken and Coleman.

3% my ass...

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