Friday, September 05, 2008

Eric Paulsen in HD

CD 3 GOP candidate Erik Paulsen recently admitted that the "guys in the back room" changed his address to delegates at yesterdays Republican National Convention.

From my standard definition television here near my Wright County outpost, it's difficult to see the great detail available via a High Definition television.

Indeed, when viewed in HD, you can actually see the puppet strings twittering Erik Paulsen up the stage at the RNC and run his lips. It's pretty interesting really.

I wish I would have had HD available to me when Congresswoman Bachmann spoke!

From a recent DFL press release:
State Representative Erik Paulsen has now openly admitted that he is being controlled by Washington insiders. In a recent interview, Paulsen acknowledged that the speech that he had planned to give at the Republican National Convention was vetted “by a couple of guys in the back room; I didn’t know who they were ... They wanted me to make a few changes; I’d argue and we came to agreement.”

It gets better, trust me!

A centrist? Not even close!
During his time in the Minnesota House, Eric Paulsen voted with the Republicans more than nine times out of ten. As a member of the Minnesota House, Paulsen has voted in lockstep with his political party, siding with the Republican leadership 93 percent of the time on key votes over the past four years. Just like the other Republicans, Paulsen voted against efforts to fight global warming (HF 436, 5/21/07); against legislation to promote stem cell research (SF 100, 5/7/08); and for a bill eliminating health-insurance coverage for 24,000 Minnesotans (HF 1422, 4/29/05; MPR). During the four years that Paulsen spent as House Republican Majority Leader, his job was to make sure that other House members voted the Republican Party line — just as he did.

Strong ties to a President with the lowest popularity rating ever...
Erik Paulsen believes George W. Bush is “so straightforward and real” — just “like myself.” In October 2004, Paulsen “jumped at the chance” to help get George W. Bush re-elected by hosting a campaign rally with the President in Chanhassen. According to news reports, Paulsen warmed up the crowd for Bush and later enthused about how “[Bush is] so straightforward and real, like myself, my neighbor or any regular person.” Afterwards, Bush gave Paulsen a firm handshake, looked him in the eye and said: “Thank you for your service. We appreciate it.” (Eden Prairie News, 10/13/04)

While Paulsen hob nob's with the elite, Ashwin Madia is out working, working to take the 3rd CD door by door, voter by voter. The party elite and insiders aren't re-writing Ashwin's speeches and ads. He's not at the end of anyone's puppet strings.

The last thing we need is another politician without the ability to think on their own.

We don't need another Erik Paulsen like politician.

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