Friday, September 05, 2008

Missing footage from the McCain video last night

No mention at all of McCain's first wife and the controversey behind his divorce.

An interesting read from a Ron Paul supporter.

In 1965 John McCain, a member of the US Navy, married an attractive model named Carol Shepp. In 1967 McCain was sent to Vietnam. It didn't take long before McCain was shot down and taken prisoner. Carol waited faithfully for McCain during his imprisonment. In 1969, Carol was in a terrible car crash. She was thrown through the windshield and suffered serious injuries. But Carol would not allow her POW husband to be notified of what had happened to her because she didn't want him to feel any additional stress. She stood by her man, alone, for the 5 years he was in prison.

McCain was released in 1973 and returned home to find that Carol's accident had "left her 4 inches shorter and on crutches, and she had gained a good deal of weight." [4] McCain no longer had a trophy wife he could feel proud of.

By the late 70's McCain had engaged in adulterous behaviors, as chronicled in the book "The Nightingale's Song" by Robert Timberg. Timberg wrote:

"Off duty, usually on routine cross-country flights to Yuma and El Centro, John started carousing and running around with women. To make matters worse, some of the women with whom he was linked by rumor were subordinates. At the time the rumors were so widespread that, true or not, they became part of McCain's persona, impossible not to take note of."

In 1979 John McCain met Cindy Lou Hensley at a military reception in Hawaii. [1] Cindy was a millionaire and very attractive. McCain was eighteen years older than the wealthy Hensley, but that didn't stop him from developing an adulterous relationship with her. [2]

McCain says of their first meeting, "She was lovely, intelligent and charming, 18 years my junior but poised and confident. I monopolized her attention the entire time, taking care to prevent anyone else from intruding on our conversation. When it came time to leave the party, I persuaded her to join me for drinks at the Royal Hawaiian Hotel. By the evening's end, I was in love."

Knowing that Cindy's father had extensive business and political contacts [3], McCain decided to abandon his first wife and marry Cindy. McCain divorced Carol in April 1980 and immediately married Cindy the next month, May 17th. With the Hensley fortune and connections, McCain ran for Congress in 1982. He craved power and has been on a course to secure ultimate control ever since.

A man that cannot be faithful to a loving, self-sacrificing wife cannot be trusted to be faithful to the American people. Bill Clinton taught us that. This week the New York Times reported that during his previous Presidential run in 2000, McCain may have had an inappropriate relationship with the young and lovely lobbyist, Vicki Iseman. The public, not knowing McCain's history of adultery, responded to the NY Times as if they had to be making the story up. NOW what do you think?

Images are all over the internet of Cindy McCain standing at her husband's side as he denied reports of committing adultery with yet another young influential woman.

I wonder what Cindy was thinking.

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dorkyteacher said...

Did you watch the Daily Show last night (I went!) The film about his life pretty much sums this up with the comment: "he replaced his wife with a younger, hotter, wife."

If you didn't see it - watch it - SO HILARIOUS, and sad at the same time, if that's possible.

eric zaetsch said...

The man has a legendary temper, or that is the legend. Where has coverage of that gone, besides in hiding? And there is that demeaning nasty joke he circulated,

This is not a good and decent family man. There's nastiness in that kind of "humor."

Contrast the Obama marriage, and their closeness with their daughters.

Obama seems more stable and at peace with things. With no skeletons in the closet that need to be dropped from biography presentations. So squeaky clean that they attack his pastor, not him; whereas McCain seems to hold a "Get Out of Jail Free" card, or such. Of the two, the GOP stridently calls Obama an opportunist, but where, really, is the truth between the two on that score?