Saturday, October 25, 2008

Barkley: Candidate With Character

From a St Cloud Times LTE:

As an involved citizen who favors candidates who fit into the “Sensible Center,” I urge my peers, who also claim their political independence, to vote for Sen. John McCain for president, Dean Barkley for U.S. Senate and Elwyn Tinklenberg for Congress.

When given the opportunity, we must vote for the candidates who have demonstrated extraordinary character. After all, most candidates soon forget their promises once the polls close.

These candidates offer an extreme dose of character. We must choose candidates who, regardless of which party you may lean toward, will work with the opposition to find solutions. With allegiance split nearly evenly between the Democrats and Republicans, half of the population is in the other camp and gridlock is equally devastating to both sides.

These three candidates would rather do without the lustful, pervasive and gluttonous special interest money. It is important that our elected officials don’t have IOUs out to the various special interests, and have just our best interests in mind.

This time “for real” the nation finds itself at a crossroads. Please don’t waste your vote on charisma or unsubstantiated idealism, but rather spend your vote for substance. Our future and our children’s futures will depend on the leaders who will take office in January 2009.

Mike Landy
St. Cloud

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