Saturday, October 25, 2008

Barkley is an Agent of Change

Another SC Times LTE:

While Norm Coleman and Al Franken throw dirt at each other from their senatorial sandboxes, Minnesotans can walk away from the quibbling. We can vote for Independence Party candidate Dean Barkley.

He believes in fiscal responsibility, ending the war and term limits. He doesn’t have the money from, or the allegiance to, special interests. He is free to work for the citizens of Minnesota.

Voting for the Independence Party and Dean Barkley is not throwing away your vote any more than voting for Jesse Ventura was in 1998.

Let’s “shock the world” again. Dean Barkley doesn’t have the flash and drama of a Ventura, but by electing him we can create change.

Join me in sending an independent citizen, Dean Barkley, not a career politician, to represent us in the U.S. Senate.

Bruno S. Gad
Clear Lake

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