Friday, October 17, 2008

Is Childress Running Bachmann's Campaign?

This is just unbelieveable.

Who in the hell is running the Bachmann campaign?

Clearly they are in Brad Childress Vikings mode, just trying to do just enough to not lose.

You look at the lack of constituent outreach.

You look at the lack of any campaign presence whatsoever, although she was in Cokato yesterday, her "tour" was unannounced.

You look at the Congresswoman ducking debates with Elywn Tinklenberg.

And now this.

Does Bachmann want to get re-elected? It's just another unbelieveable moment in Michele Bachmann's legislative history. Her commentary today crossed a line.

Openly questioning the patrotism and integrity of not only Barack Obama and virtually every Democrat in Congress? Shameless!

If we, the people of the 6th Congressional District, reelect Congresswoman Bachmann, we deserve the consequences of our actions.

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gramma said...

Bachmann's campaign (and congressional) staff have managed to keep her from showing her true colors. Up until now, she was not allowed to meet constituents, missed nearly every forum, and was not allowed to stray from script. Now she has slipped from their control and shown the true colors that so many of us have known were there. She, Palin, Kiffmeyer, and Krueger are of the same cloth. Keep'em out!!!