Friday, October 17, 2008

Bachmann Stupidity = Tinklenberg Cash Cow

Of all of Congresswoman Bachmann's problems in the past, her remarks on Hardball today may be the straw that broke the camel's back.

As of 10:45, El Tinklenberg has raised over $70,000 on Act Blue tonight. I sat here for 5 mintues just waiting, refreshed the page and another $1,300 came in!

This is absolutely incredible.

Go to Act Blue and contribute now!

So, with the NRCC putting all its eggs in the CD 6 basket, will they pull there money out of the 6th now? Put money into Kline so they could possibly save 1 Congressional seat in Minnesota?

Bachmann's steep cash on hand advantage may soon be gone, because of what may go down as the most idiotic commentary in Minnesota political history.

Bachmann became too big for her own good. It appears she became enamored with the spotlight on Lary King, Hardball, and other cable outlets.

State Representative Tom Emmer was right...Michele Bachmann is diminutive in character!

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