Tuesday, October 07, 2008

McCain knows how to get Bin Laden?

Well then what the hell is he waiting for?

I fully expect Johnnie Mc to suspend his campaign, fly back to Washington, and get this done.

Country First!

PS: He keeps calling me "my friend" but I can't add him on Facebook?

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eric zaetsch said...

Secret plans are a GOP thing.

Nixon ran against Humphrey with a secret plan to end Vietnam.

He capitulated. The helicopters from the embassy roof, kicking people off who wanted to escape.

What a plan.

Can we expect less from the McCain express? If he could only get bin Laden to cling to a helicopter, then kick him off mid-flight ...

Huffington Post reports he said "my friends" 19 times. WSJ says 18, and "my friend" once to the veteran, in the singular.

Huey Long used the term "my friends" 19 times in his Every Man a King (but nobody wears a crown) speech. A shorter timeframe, speaking as a younger man. The McCain express comes in second to Long.

Second to Obama too seems to be everyone's guess.

William Jennings Bryan used it repeatedly in his Cross of Gold speech.

Palin's speaking tic, "you know," is less offensive than this one.