Friday, January 23, 2009

GOP to follow Bachmann communications strategy?

Oh holy hell!

So, no Congressional Republican will have townhall meetings or meet with their constituents now?

Sounds good to me!

Congresswoman Michele Bachmann (R-MN) announced today that her Communications Director, Mary Vought, and Press Secretary, Stephen Miller, will join Republican leadership offices to help other members replicate her effective communications strategies.

“Both Mary and Stephen have been incredible assets,” said Bachmann. “I am so proud that they will take on important roles where they can continue to spread the conservative message of lower taxes, smaller government, and greater personal freedoms.”

Mary Vought will lead the House Republican Conference’s effort to enhance the communications strategy for all House Republicans by supporting their press secretaries in spreading the Party’s message.

Stephen Miller joins veteran conservative leader, Congressman John Shadegg (R-AZ), as press secretary. Shadegg, a founder of the Republican Study Committee, the leading conservative caucus of House members, is a prominent national spokesman for conservative positions.

In her first term in Congress, Bachmann earned unprecedented media coverage. Her three-person communications team executed a strong strategy that earned her exceptional coverage in local papers in Minnesota, on nationally-broadcast news shows in both popular and financial news sectors, and in important conservative outlets on radio and the internet.

“Congresswoman Michele Bachmann is a rising star in our party who has groomed an excellent staff,”
said Congressman Mike Pence (R-IN), Chairman of the House Republican Conference. “Mary Vought brings a wealth of communications experience to our team at Conference, where she will continue to serve Congresswoman Bachmann as well as the entire House GOP Conference in her new role as press secretary. In addition, we look forward to continuing to work with Congresswoman Bachmann as we communicate our conservative ideals of limited government, a strong national defense and traditional moral values to the American people.”

“Dave Dziok, who has blazed new trails as the Congresswoman’s Director of New Media, will continue to anchor our communications shop,” said Michelle Marston, Bachmann’s Chief of Staff. “Communications will continue to be an important part of our office work and we will hire new staff to build on our effective communications strategy.”

Wow. Groomed an excellent staff? Really? Search the Dump Bachmann archives to find just how many staffers have left the Congresswoman's office in her first term.


eric zaetsch said...

Google Mike Pence. He's talking her up, from his own perspective. Gary Gross has a positive spin too:

It's interesting she is still in the House. I only wish Wetterling, back in 2006 would have not had that thing about attempted infiltration into the Bachmann staff, instigated by what's-his-name, on the eve of that election. We possibly could have Wetterling now as the twice elected incumbent, and that IP guy running as a Democrat would have not had a chance, with his step-daughter married to what's-his-name having headed his 2007-8 campaign staff.

Charlie Quimby said...

But they can't all go on Hannity all the time!