Friday, January 23, 2009

Pawlenty: Poser Mobile or hidden fees?

Same "Stuff" Different Day, we've seen this trick before.

Gov. Tim Pawlenty said Thursday the budget he will unveil next week contains no tax increases and little in the way of fee hikes.

The GOP governor said he will erase a projected $4.8 billion deficit through a package of cuts, accounting shifts such as changes in payment schedules and an “all-time historic low” in fee increases. He previewed the budget to reporters in his Capitol office, saying the bad economy calls for dramatic change.

“You’ll see a budget on Tuesday that is aggressive and takes on some risk in exchange for trying to strategically reposition Minnesota to try to be more competitive and to try to maintain as many of the commitments to our priorities as possible,” he said.

As for tax increases, he said, “We’re able to balance the budget without them.”

Perhaps Pawlenty would be a better mobile phone salesman?

Accounting shifts?

"Fee's shorty...fee's"

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