Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Dr. Maureen Reed to run for DFL endorsement in CD 6

A few of us had been hearing these rumors for a few weeks now.

Our good friend Political Muse broke the story on this!

Dr. Reed was the IP Lt Governor candidate in 2006, a University of Minnesota Board of Regents Chair, and has a rather impressive resume.

A few quick thoughts.

1. She will need to begin raising a boatload of money immediately. She needs to show that she has this ability, otherwise, she may just be another Bob Olson.

2. Run a values based campaign. No one has been effective on hitting Bachmann on issues. Reed needs to articulate how her values are more congruent with the district than Bachmann.

3. Every moment not fundraising at this point, is spent at meet and greets throughout the 6th. We cannot afford to have a candidate introducing themselves to voters in the waning weeks again.

4. All the koom-by-ya crap is nice...you know...the stuff about bringing moderate Republicans, Democrats, and Independents together to win a race. Build your base, but ultimately, Reed is going to have to show enough backbone to take a shot at Bachmann when it's warranted. Nice is fine and dandy, but I want to see some pitbull in her too.

Honestly, I'm skeptical about party leadership in the district and their ability to bring about the necessary party and base building to pull this off.

Maybe Dr. Reed is the fresh breath we've needed for years? Or will she fall prey to the status quo and the lackadaisical district leadership?


eric zaetsch said...

I agree.

As an IP person she would make a great IP candidate.

The big question is who the DFL will run.

Keith said...

Michele Bachmann is an embarassment to Minnesota, a flipping delusional nut-case. But, the people have to remove their Reagan-Coleman shades to see the crap. Until then, business as usual.