Tuesday, May 05, 2009

New CD 6 GOP Chair

He's from Cokato too...

Congratulations to Mr. Fitzsimmons!

A couple of tidbits from the story.
"On the path to a Republican majority in the Legislature, all our options lead through us picking up seats in this district," Fitzsimmons said. "We need to leverage our strong Republican districts and work on winning back those districts that are a toss-up or that lean toward the DFL."
Before Maureen Reed's CD 6 announcement...
Fitzsimmons said he hopes to expand the party's coalition by bringing disaffected Republicans, independent, Independence Party, Constitution Party and Libertarian Party members into the fold.
It will be an interesting fight in the 6th. Will new leadership in CD 6 be able to solidify Bachmann's stranglehold on Wright and Sherburne Counties?

Will DFL leadership dare to actually do something in Wright County?

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