Friday, May 08, 2009

Join the Discussion!!

A good discussion on the 2010 CD 6 race has broken out over at Liberal in the Land of Conservative!

Taxpaying Liberal is discussing matters with Aubrey Immelman (ran against Bachmann for GOP line on ballot), and Bob Anderson, the non-IP endorsed IP candidate in CD 6.

Honestly, I respect Aubrey for what he's trying to do, but don't necessarily agree. It's not as simple as getting 20,000 Dems to vote in the GOP Primary.

We already know the 2010 Governor's race is headed towards a primary in September 2010. Getting 20,000 Dems to ignore that race to put all our seeds in the primary basket seems a bit far fetched to me.

The pragmatic thing to do is to organize around the 2010 general election.

Like TPL, I helped the IP in 2008 as well. While I felt Dean Barkley was an obvious choice for the US Senate, after my initial rants and distrust in Elwyn Tinklenberg, we supported his candidacy.

I'd like to see the DFL extend a hand to the IP in our area in an effort to defeat Bachmann. Hell, if Anderson decides to do this again, maybe I'll have to take a shot at an IP primary in 2010, I could at least effectively stump to help defeat Congresswoman Bachmann, which afterall, is our goal.

Anyway, go hit up Political Muse's home on the blogosphere, he's got an interesting discussion going on over there.

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