Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Reed for Congress: Warp Factor 5?

Hold up mean to tell me there's ANOTHER person running around the 6th with a video camera?

What the hell...


Muse has the scoop on Dr. Reed's first big event in the 6th.

I agree with Muse's astute assessment.

Reed has zero web/technology presence other than a few of us posting on our blogs. Reed needs to harness the power of the Internet in this race. The fact that I cannot even donate to her campaign on line at this point leaves me wondering what's going on here.

No website.

No Facebook.

No Twitter.

No online presence at all.

Hopefully, Reed has people behind the scenes now getting this stuff squared away.


eric zaetsch said...

Immelman was there and posted his review, including Q-&-A plus impresssions:

He put that link in comments, at the Muse site.

Charlie said...

Here is Maureen's website: