Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Yesterday, the kids over at MDE decided to attack Veteran Two-Putt Tommy, calling him a hypocrite for calling out Dave Thul's poorly thought out and executed attack on Congressman Walz.

In fact, they titled their right wing hate fest as "HYPOCRISY NOW GOES BY THE NAME OF TOMMY “TWO-PUTT” JOHNSON OF THE SD 42 DFL".

MDE stood up to defend Dave Thul, his hate filled attack on Congressman Walz, and the inappropriate use of official government email.

Remember when Mr. Brodkorb attacked Al Franken on email's that were sent via the U of M's Humphrey Institute.
I'm not attacking the Humphrey Institute, but rather Franken thinking he can use the public/taxpayer resources of the Humphrey Institute like he used the private resources of Harvard University.
Brodkorb also turned his rage towards Secretary of State Mark Ritchie for use of his state email for campaign solicitation.

So, when Dave Thul uses his official us.army.mil email address to take pot shots at President Obama and to launch his tirades against Congressman Walz and other political leaders he opposes, we hear silence from the MDE crowd.

If they feign outrage over the use of email by Franken supporters at the U of M and SOS Ritchie, shouldn't they be equally as outraged over the potential problems faced by Thul's use of his official us.army.mil email address?

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