Saturday, July 18, 2009

On the ridiculous attacks on Congressman Walz

NEWS FLASH: Republican operatives cannot understand what "in support of" means.

The attacks on Congressman Walz have started again. This time, a tool named Thul is attacking the Congressman on his military record, saying that Walz did not serve "in support of" Operation Enduring Freedom.

Yep, we went through this stuff back in 2006
too...and the response is the same.

Congressman Walz has never given the impression that he served in Iraq or Afghanistan. His service "in support of" an important mission was important and the fact that some cannot fully understand the terminology of "in support of" saddens me.

When 3/4 of our Infantry Battalion deployed from Germany to Macedonia for Operation Able Sentry, there were people back in the rear "in support of" our mission in Macedonia. They didn't get to add the fancy UN ribbon to their chest of medals. It didn't devalue their service to the 3rd Battalion 5th Cavalry "Black Knights" either.

Congressman Walz and his unit were called to active duty, sent to Italy "in support of " Operation Enduring Freedom. Their lack of a service ribbon does not diminish the importance of their service.

It's not an exaggeration of one's service record.

So instead of attacking Congressman Walz, who has been nothing short of amazing on Veterans issues, perhaps Thul and his thugs should focus on helping CD 1 GOP candidates understand Veterans issues.

Anyone remember that Walz opponent, Brian Davis (a Mayo Doctor) could not "identify any specific areas where we would improve the educational or healthcare methods for veterans"?

After watching the Thul video, I actually couldn't be happier with Congressman Walz and his staff. It shows the level of constituent outreach and his level of service to the 1st CD.


Charlie Quimby said...

The real confusion here is whether Dave Thul and the MDE minions work "in support of" disinformation or actually think they are serving their country.

taxpaying liberal said...

Can anyone imagine Bachmann’s staff having the same patience with a fool like this?

eric zaetsch said...

The man's been in Congress already for how long?

Isn't that the record that matters?

Just a thought. To me, it's the cause for that lead image - a great choice by the way.