Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Tarryl Clark to abide by endorsement

From her announcement email this morning.
I’ve won tough campaigns before and, with your support and help, I know we will do it again. I’m proud to have earned the DFL endorsement in each of my campaigns, and this campaign will be no different: I will seek and abide by the DFL endorsement, and I will not challenge the endorsement in a primary. The future of those in the 6th District is too important to let party politics get in the way.
Apparently Elwyn Tinklenberg will not abide by the DFL endorsement, but it is Wednesday night, that could change at virtually any moment.

Elwyn's past statements on DFL endorsements:
11/15/07: "I supported the party's endorsed candidate before," he said of his 2006 endorsement loss to Patty Wetterling. "I will certainly do that again."

12/13/07: "We will honor the endorsement if it is an honorable and straight forward process."
What does an honorable and straight forward process mean?

When will the DCCC pay their $250,000 IOU to Elwyn? I would assume only after he would win a DFL endorsement or win in a primary battle. Either way, that $250,000 IOU might come back to bite him in the tail.

Reed appears ready for a primary or an attempt to win this race by being an Independent.
"Our race is the same, regardless of who's in it."

Reed will seek both endorsements. When I asked whether, if she loses the Dem endorsement, she would run in a primary, Reed said:

"Plan A is to get the endorsement. Plan B is to make Plan A work."
So, we're about 9 months or so out from an endorsement. We'll see how the endorsement battle ensues, but I will support candidate(s) who abide by the DFL endorsement.

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