Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Tarryl Clark in the Huffington Post

Good interview!

Best quote?

"For many in Minnesota, when Sarah Palin came on the scene it seemed like she was Alaska's Michelle Bachmann," Clark told the Huffington Post. "They seem to share some similarities."

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eric zaetsch said...

I did not like that coverage.

It makes Clark, in the opening paragraphs, look as if she's only going negative about how bad Bachmann is.

It is all true, but they give short shrift to anything positive Clark presented. They were correct on saying it's bothersome to see her wiggle on healthcare, knowing it will be done some way or another before she and Bachmann are in the stretch run.

And, it has to be said. With Reed declining to define herself more completely, she's assumed out of existence by HufPo. Is it their omission, or are they onto something essential?

Then to cap it off, on an article about Clark, whose photo do they use? HufPo would rather jump on the bash-Bachmann bandwagon than focus on who Tarryl Clark is and could be, in Washington, if elected.

I thought it was mediocre coverage for those reasons. Reed at least deserves mention.