Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Why can't Maureen Reed answer a question?

After Dr. Reed's recent MinnPost debacle, one would think it would pay off for her Congressional campaign to open up a bit and actually answer some questions.

Which is why I was caught off guard by a post over at mnpAct!
I had hoped for a chance to compare policy positions between Dr. Reed and Ms. Clark but after a couple of requests to the campaigns, information has not been forthcoming. Reed's campaign never answered at all -- Clark's campaign indicated that they would answer my questions "sometime this fall". I am sure they are all very busy...especially Clark's campaign as they play some catch up.
Yes, I understand that Senator Clark did not answer questions either, but their campaign responded to the request. If Senator Clark and the Clark campaign fails to respond in the fall, they rightfully deserve criticism.

The fact that Team Reed didn't even respond bothers me.

Maureen Reed seeks to defeat a Congresswoman who fails to act on the requests of local media and constituents by failing to respond to local media and constituents?

I love "outside of the box" campaigns but I think this may be taking it too far Team Reed.


taxpaying liberal said...

She doesn't have to because she is so well known from her run for Lt. Governor a few years back she's a household name.

"better to be silent and thought of as a fool than to open your mouth and remove all doubt"

eric zaetsch said...

Being fair, Reed clearly would be an improvement if Clark were to fly to Eveleth or such.

Clark has a record to run on, and VoteSmart has detail online.

Since HealthPartners is a co-op, we can guess at Reed on Healthcare.

But isn't the expectation that a candidate would convince you to vote for him, or her.

I don't find, "I raised $231,000" repeated as some kind of mantra to be compelling.

Unlike as with Tinklenberg, I would in a heartbeat vote for Reed over Bachmann were that the only choice.

But Reed, in caucus, what's the strategy? What are the likelihoods?

I also cannot understand how that campaign is being run unless she's shooting all along for the IP nomination only. She denies that.

DB said...

Blue man...if you have any questions about the Reed Campaign shoot me an email and we can discuss all your questions at length. I would love the chance to discuss the campaign and why Maureen Reed is the best person to defeat Bachmann!

Blue man said...

Who are you? Why can't Reed for Congress respond to a simple interview request?

DB said...

Again, I invite you to email me and we can talk at length about the Reed campaign. Thanks!