Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Marty Seifert spends like a drunken sailor

Staunch fiscal conservative, Gubernatorial candidate, and Republican State Representative Marty Seifert blew the whistle on himself recently.

MPR reports that of all Minnesota House members running for Governor, Marty Seifert has claimed more expenses than any of them.

This after Seifert called other legislators out on the matter.
Seifert raised the issue last week at a St. Paul news conference. He said he was concerned that some candidates may have used their legislative leadership positions to schedule visits around the state to gain publicity.
So, Seifert is arguing that some candidates are actually holding committee meetings and other visits to further their campaign, while Seifert, no longer in a leadership position, uses the same trough to ensure his campaign coffers remain plentiful?

By the way, Marty has blown nearly $6100 in per diem and expenses since June...

At least he'll come up with some nifty one liner to explain all this...something about drunken sailors again I am sure.


Phoenix Woman said...

Ah, but hypocrisy is OK if you're a Republican. In fact, everything's OK if you're a Republican, from financial shenanigans to unconventional married life; you can rest assured that the local media in particular won't touch you.

eric zaetsch said...

If people give you money, aren't you obligated to spend it? Otherwise, how can you go back and ask them for more?

And isn't that as true for public cash, where you ostensibly have a stewardship duty, as for campaign cash where you spend to win?

The only time for frugality is with your cash, in which case if you have other piles to pick from, why go to the wallet?

Or do I misunderstand the political process?

It's not what you say, it's how you pay to play.

The health insurers know that, and plan their politician purchases accordingly.

I am waiting for Wall Street to implement a commodity and futures market, in bought politicians; Blue Dogs being a recommended investment these days.

Prairie Mermaid said...

We sailors are offended by your putting Marty Seifert in our boat, even when we are drunken.

eric zaetsch said...

Prairie Mermaid - What if we make it "drunken tailor"? As in "If that guy is ever elected he'd legislate and veto, like sewing by a drunken tailor."

Then, only problem, tailors would be posting, offended, "Even drunk, we could sew better than that schmuck."

eric zaetsch said...

"Mending like a drunken tailor," vs. "spending like a drunken sailor."

A lot of mending will be needed, next cycle. And measuring and cutting, what with redistricting.

Don't we need a sober DFL tailor for that situation?