Saturday, September 12, 2009

The most terrifying video you may ever see!


eric said...

As you mentioned, you need to put odds or weigh the chances. Given that the globe has been cooling for ten years with a significant drop in the last two years or flat for the previous eight with a significant drop in the last two, depending upon which of the universities or government agencies monitoring global temperatures. Given that it has been much warmer on this Earth in the past. Given that CO2 levels are a trailing indicator of global temperatures and thus could not possibly be a cause. Therefore my rough guestimate is that the odds of catastrophic man caused global warming actually happening is 100 million to 1, and therefore doing anything would be a huge waste that will cause far more harm that what it is worth.

I'll also turn your argument on its head and say what if the globe is cooling naturally going into the next ice age and all the actions taken to offset global warming actually make global cooling worse.

Of course the idea that man can significantly affect the temperature of the Earth is laughable and extremely pretentious.

AArdvarker said...

Logic rather than emotionalism or supposition is powerful form of persuasion. Thanks.