Monday, October 12, 2009

Clark Doubles Up Reed

Congressional candidate and State Senator Tarryl Clark had a big day today! Her campaign announced that they raised $308,000 in nine weeks!

9 weeks! Her significant fundraising places the Clark for Congress campaign among the top-raising campaigns nationally with only a handful of challengers having topped $300k in a single quarter.

We'll know more when the actual report is published but nonetheless this is a very impressive beginning for Senator Clark.

Her opponent, Maureen Reed announced that she raised more than $130,000 but highlighted her fundraising press release by noting that her Cash On Hand was more than $300,000.
"Maureen demonstrates the fundraising strength necessary to defeat Michele Bachmann," Reed's campaign manager, Jason Isaacson, said in a statement.
$130,000 does not demonstrate the fundraising strength to defeat Congresswoman Bachmann, in fact it marked a significant downturn in fundraising from the previous quarter. Future quarters like this make her DFL primary run an even more difficult run.

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