Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Good analysis on CD 6 race!

The Big E does a pretty good job looking at the CD 6 race.

Reed ignored some local folks with a myriad of campaign experience which resulted in a lack of excitement for many of us. Her recent staff hires might correct this, but the simple fact is that Tarryl Clark has had a rather open and honest discussion with many of us.

It comes down to trust for me. It's always been about trust, hence my hesitation on Elwyn Tinklenberg in 2006.

I know I can trust Tarryl Clark. I've marched at "Take Back the Night" with her. She's helped our candidates before. She's advocated for the issues I am passionate about.

I can't say that about Maureen Reed.

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OperationPurple said...

Great blog! I have been watching this race, I hope al goes well.
I am liberal living in a very ruby red area of Ohio. I have a blog satirizing local issues. Keep up the good work!