Monday, October 26, 2009

Kiffmeyer Scandal on AM 950

I caught a bit of Two Putt Tommy, Tax Playing Liberal, and Dusty Trice talking about the Mary Kiffmeyer/banking scandal at AM 950 tonight! Great job guys!!!

So, while I was out today, others have joined our efforts!!

Who's holding who up here?

Eric Zaetsch has a great story up on the Kiffmeyer banking scandal, complete with a copy of the portrait from the bank. Yep, Jesus closing yet another banking deal for Kiffmeyer et al.

Two Putt Tommy gets the scoop
that Kiffmeyer's name was pulled due to space considerations.

Space considerations? Really? The former Minnesota Secretary of State and current State Representative had her name scrubbed for space considerations? Hell, cut the Strib's prediction for the Gopher game. Just say they'll get throttled again.

But leaving Kiffmeyer's name out of the two largest daily publications in Minnesota is simply irresponsible journalism. Liberal bias my ass...

Integrity Counts

That's what Kiffmeyer ran on in 2008. We do remember WHY Kiffmeyer was running for the House in 2008 right?

Mark Olson

Yep, the dude who chucked a Bible at his wife and was convicted of misdemeanor assault. Post conviction, the House GOP Caucus kicked him out.

Folks were lining up and down Highway 10 for a shot at Mark Olson and the 16B seat. Kiffmeyer ran the Integrity Counts campaign at Olson and worked to "restore dignity to our party". So I find it rather ironic, the person running the "Integrity Counts" campaign just had her bank seized by the Feds this past Friday.

While regardless of Mark Olson's problems, this bank was going to fail under Mary Kiffmeyer's leadership, I do find it a bit humorous that 16B Republicans have some serious problems with those elected to represent them.

What's really interesting thus far, is the lack of big time mainstream media coverage of this event. No one's asking the real questions here.

Where is the oversight? How does a State Representative come to be the owner of a bank and thus on its Board of Directors under the state's regulation?

It will be interesting to look at Kiffmeyer's voting record in the Minnesota House on some of these issues...

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