Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Tarryl Clark Tells It Like It Is...

And it's pretty awesome really.

Nineteen months ago, experts scouring the state inspecting bridges for safety flaws shut down Saint Cloud’s De Soto/Highway 23 bridge until further notice.

We were told it would be seven years before they could reconstruct it. Congresswoman Bachmann did nothing to help us. But in the State Capitol, we stepped up and found the resources within our newly-passed transportation funds to replace this bridge so vital to our community and get traffic moving again.

Yesterday, we held a celebration of the opening of the new bridge, the “Granite City Crossing.”

Gathered there were the partners who made it possible – my State colleagues who helped find the funding within our newly-passed transportation funds; the construction workers who labored every day on the bridge; the local businesses who are hoping the traffic flowing once again past their stores will bring more customers.

And Michele Bachmann.

Who showed up to “cut the ribbon,” after doing nothing to secure any funding for this critically important transportation investment.

In fact, whenever Central Minnesota has needed investments to grow our communities and businesses – from the Northstar Corridor to workforce development – Congresswoman Bachmann hasn’t lifted a finger.

Congresswoman Bachmann would rather deliver the rhetoric than deliver the results.

Ribbon cuttings get Congresswoman Bachmann more face time on television. But I know that some things are more important than being on TV - like working with your colleagues to get the job done for Minnesotans. That's why I need your help today.

As a State Senator, I’ve fought tirelessly for my community, from increasing opportunities at Saint Cloud State University to expanding our regional airport. I’ve worked across party lines to listen to communities and local leaders and ensure we deliver on the investments they need.

As your Representative in Congress, I’ll be there long before the ribbon is cut.

"I'll be there long before the ribbon is cut". A very powerful point.

We have a Congresswoman who is more thrilled by spending 30 minutes on Fox than spending time in the district that elected her. Drive this point home!

She'll also be there before she has to deliver the big fake check...

Good job Team Clark and Tarryl!!

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Margaret said...

In a state known for its educational success, Bachmann represents ignorance ! She is an embarrassment to Minnesota ... enoough is enough !