Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Where's Pawlenty? Where's Bachmann?

The State Republican Party has launched a campaign asking "Where's R.T."?

Really? Hasn't this glass house collapsed on Brodkorb/Sutton/Carey numerous times before?

I'll bite though...I'll play the game.

Where is Congresswoman Bachmann? Other than showing up for a bridge ceremony to help cut the ribbon without lifting a finger before then, she continues to be AWOL from our district. Shunning us, the voter and her constituents, for more appearances on Fox News.

Where is Governor Pawlenty? Oh I hate saying this, but Palin was right. Pawlenty is just another politician who is pick pocketing the taxpayer while he runs for President.

So...where the hell are they? I'll play this game all day...

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