Saturday, October 24, 2009

Walz solid on Afghanistan

I'd just like to say that Congressman Walz is simply solid...not only on Afghanistan!

From a LTE...

I attended U.S. Rep. Tim Walz's town hall on Afghanistan War spending. My ambitions for attending were to familiarize myself with the political and economical issues facing Afghanistan and the region. Walz gave a small presentation, which presented background information about the war in Afghanistan and then took questions.

I am proud to say Walz represents me in Washington, D.C. His vast knowledge about the subject and his willingness to hear the questions and concerns from his constituency are admirable.
Walz wrote copious notes while numerous speakers spoke for and against the current policy toward Afghanistan. If these thoughtful conversations took place before invading Iraq, a rigorous policy solution could have been drafted.

Walz has the leadership that is necessary to lead us through the thoughtful conversations that must occur before radically changing course in Afghanistan. The most important piece of knowledge I walked away with from Friday's town hall meeting was that the war in Afghanistan is not a simple "stay in" or "get out" problem. We need to have a serious conversation about U.S. involvement, and Tim Walz is the right person to lead the discussion.

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