Saturday, October 24, 2009

Bachmann to appear at De Soto Bridge dedication

Congresswoman Bachmann will appear with Senator Klobuchar at the dedication of the De Soto Bridge in St Cloud this coming Monday.

Unfortunately, Bachmann wasn't dedicated to the use of any earmarks to repair this bridge, a major transportation cog in St Cloud and the local area.

It stinks of Bachmann pandering yet again.

How many times has Congresswoman Bachmann shown up at a fire station in the 6th with Happy Gilmore-eque large check in hand, after she voted against legislation to provide those funds?

I get it, she pretty much has to show up at the bridge dedication, especially since State Senator Tarryl Clark, her likely 2010 general election opponent, will likely be there. But Bachmann's hypocrisy and pandering reach no end...

Lift no finger to help the citizens of St Cloud, but show up and reap the benefits and PR of the event....

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eric zaetsch said...

Standing in for Oberstar on this one.

He moved. He shook. The bridge got funded.