Thursday, November 12, 2009

Bachmann lies about Capitol protest

20,000-40,000 people?

I've seen more people at a SCSU Hockey game...

Spread via only "word of mouth"?


Ummmmm....I was there Congresswoman!

Sorry Bluewife...I mean WE were there...

A. When we spoke to Capitol Police, they estimated the crowd at 3-5,000. I politely asked to reduce that figure by two...since we didn't support that level of crazy.

Bachmann and her cronies are lying.

Here's a quick cell phone pic from the front of the Capitol, taken about 30 minutes into the love fest.

Look at all that "green space"! We'll post video's soon...don't worry!

So here's the question.

Do we cave for 5,000 teabaggers at the base of the Capitol?

Or do we listen to 1.5 million folks who showed up longing for change?

What do you think?

B. All those people showed up via "word of mouth"...

Really? So linking to the House protest on the Congresswoman's official Congressional web page constitutes "word of mouth"?

Actually, it's yet another violation of House ethics rules. But really...who cares right? When you stand out on the steps of the Capitol, tout lie after lie while missing a vote on the recognition of service in our nation's military by women, why not continue to violate rules and lie?

Especially when you parlay those lies into more face time with her constituents, Sean Hannity, Glenn Beck, and Rush Limbaugh.

One year from tonight we'll be celebrating Congresswoman Tarryl Clark...

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