Saturday, May 12, 2007

Mark Olson: God, Global Warming and general insanity...

General Insanity, you know...the cat running the war in Iraq now. (insert rimshot)

Thank you, thank you...I'll stick to my day job.

I Don't Hate America scoop on Mark Olson making some pretty insane comments about God and Global Warming.

On the floor of the House, Olson discussed whether or not you believe in God makes a difference whether or not you believe global warming is an issue with merit. Also he talked about how he was reading the Bible, and that scriptures he read made more sense to him regarding global warming than science did.

DJ astutely points out that this is the same man crying and clutching a bible as he left the Sherburne County Jail after he was released for beating his wife.....ahem, allegedly.

So Olson skated by this session. If he is found guilty...I know I'll make my way up to Big Lake to door knock for Jim Huhtala. I hope Kiffmeyer runs too...

Let's find the video of Olson making an ass of himself again!

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Avidor said...

You asked for it... It's SHOWTIME folks!!!