Friday, May 11, 2007

Kucinich for President

Talking to several Democrats over the past few days, about all things from who I support for President, to Ciresi v. Franken, the prospects of a special session and many other things.

It was my answer to the Democratic race for 2008 that elicited the greatest surprises.

I would love to see Dennis Kucinich as our next President.

After they stopped laughing, I shared the reasons why Kucinich is a logical choice to fix the clusterfuck and restore dignity to the most powerful position in the world.

Why Kucinich?

He has opposed the aggression against Iraq since the start.

He opposed the Patriot Act.

He has been a vocal leader in Congress for higher education, strongly opposing the Budget Reconciliation Act of 2006.

He supports legalizing same sex marriage.

He supports a nationwide single payer, universal health care system for all Americans.

He supports impeachment of the Vice President and possibly the President.

Remember, he got 17% in the 2004 Minnesota caucus.

Is it the popular choice? Absolutely not.

But Dennis Kucinich has never wavered on the issues that matter most to me on a National Level. Others cannot say that...and integrity carries a lot of weight in securing my support.

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Prairie Mermaid said...

Kucinich seemed to show the most backbone in the first candidate 'debate' of the Democrats, held in late April. It's hard for me to respect people that evaluate their script so carefully and make their replies so general to avoid responses that aren't middle of the road in order to appear 'electable.'