Friday, August 24, 2007

SC Times supports Dump Mark Olson!

Check out today's opinion in the SC Times.

Mark Olson, State Representative in 16B, is unfit for office, and I could not agree more.

He continues to claim he committed no crime despite a jury's conviction and a judge's sentence. He's repeatedly said "no" to a not-so-subtle request from leaders of his (former) political party to resign. Not to mention he wouldn't even talk issues with this editorial board in his last election bid.

Clearly, District 16B House Rep. Mark Olson is a denial machine. So we make this request in the wake of his criminal conviction and recent sentencing for causing his wife fear of bodily harm: Resign your legislative seat immediately.

This is the strongest statement from a mainstream media source since Olson was arrested for abusing his wife.

Really, though, Olson should resign because of his obsession with denial.

The news coverage of the entire domestic abuse case involving he and his wife, Heidi, consistently shows a man who never even offers the slightest hint he did something wrong. He doesn't seem to understand that physical reactions in emotional situations are the textbook definition of abuse and assault. Not to mention such responses are criminal.

Indeed, aside from his unsubstantiated claims of him being the victim, he seems most upset by how the whole situation put his family in the spotlight.

Funny. If he was so concerned about the impact on his family, why did he adopt legal strategies that included multiple delays for trial dates? Or why is he talking about keeping the court case alive through appeals?

Simply put, Mark Olson is unfit for office and support the SC Times assessment that Olson needs to resign is seat immediately.

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Avidor said...

Point they didn't make -- Will Olson and his right-wing Republican alllies continue to abuse the taxpayers of MInnesota by insisting they subsidize Olson's mulit-milllion dollar PRT boondoggle?