Thursday, January 03, 2008

Bob Olson LTE in the SC Times

Here is an excellent LTE in the SC Times today!
I am a working person and one of the many disenfranchised by the actions of 6th District U.S. Rep. Michele Bachmann.

I also have learned from paycheck to paycheck that members of the U.S. House and Senate of both parties have left millions of us out in the cold.

That's why I find it refreshing that we have a candidate like Bob Olson running for Congress in the 6th District.

Olson is not just another slick politician or professional lobbyist. He is an individual who, as a tax attorney and community banker, understands three of the major issues confronting working people:

A predatory corporate financial system.

An unjust tax system that favors the rich and corporations at our expense.

Our addiction to oil and its adverse social, economic, political and environmental consequences that fall on ordinary working people.

Olson has the knowledge, skills and ability to improve our quality of life.

He is an intelligent, honest, hardworking and plainspoken man whose core beliefs are grounded in social, economic and political fairness and justice for all residents of the district.

He is not afraid to tackle tough issues, to stand on principle, and he is not just another politician or lobbyist representing special interest groups or corporations.

... Bachmann's term in office has been a disaster for working people. Bob Olson is the best possible candidate to replace her.

Ordinary working people can make a difference through our active participation in the DFL Precinct Caucuses, as Bob Olson delegates to our DFL Senate District conventions and DFL 6th District Convention, and, ultimately, by voting for Bob Olson to be our congressman.

Exactly, with precinct caucuses coming up February 5th, its becoming more and more important to show the differences between Bob Olson, Elwyn Tinklenberg and Michelle Bachmann.

Mr. Kaehler nailed it. Bob's not the slick lobbyist with political aspirations that will in turn, be the Congressional Representative of the corporations and special interests. Olson will be a Congressman of the people.


eric zaetsch said...

A new year template, and green as the bus? The LTE is nothing new. It adds to all of us who believe that a dumpy trickster career politician like Michele Bachmann will not, in a generally GOP district, fall to Tinklenberg, a dumpy trickster career politician from the DFL - regardless of what he says about pro-choice, anti-choice, etc.

Olson is adopting an agenda that he cannot deliver on, short-term, because of the rest of congress. However, with his starting to build seniority he will move to where he can help on the big problems that aging boomers and globalization and global growth present the world to cope with.

Olson is not an Erhart protege, an Oberstar protege, he is more like Walz and Wellstone and less strait-jacketed in his thinking than Tinklenberg.

And then --- there is Michele Bachmann, a totally different dimension matched perhaps only by her faithful cohort, Little Pastor Mac Hammond. May they fly off together to new things, after the 2008 election puts OLSON in Congress.

Blue man said...

While Olson's agenda will be difficult for a freshman Congressman to deliver on, I think he's posed to do good in Congress. His sustainable energy expertise would get the ear of Congressman Peterson, Chair of the Ag committee.

He has subject matter expertise on the Tax Code, something Bachmann can try and talk about, but only gets her to a Taxpayer Bill or Rights.

Tinklenberg would ride the coattails of Oberstar...not the worst coattail to ride, but I doubt he would be an independent, much less a liberal voice for the 6th.

Progressive he is not.