Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Campaign website updates (Updated)

A New Year is upon us, therefore a new look to Blueman. I hope you enjoy! I had to be talked out of a complete overhaul and a move over to word press, but we'll stick around here for a while longer.

Anyway, lurking around the web this weekend, we noticed that Bob Olson's site has changed a bit. They added more content to the issues page!

Take for example Sustainable Energy Issues. Olson's page had a brief synopsis of his energy stances before. Recently, apparently over the past few days, the Olson campaign added some of Olson's pertinent press releases and other statements to each issue area.

Recall a post about a month ago now, analyzing the websites of both Olson and Tinklenberg.

Tinklenberg's site remains unchanged, even after campaign staff told delegates at the SD 19 meeting, also nearly a month ago, that they would be revising the website "by Friday" (3 Friday's ago now).

Anyway...just an observation from my Wright County Outpost...

*Update* Tinklenberg has added some bells and whistles now, but no issue stances.


Eric said...

But Blue Man ...

You're in green now!


The Big E

Blue man said...

Yeah, at least it's not Red!