Sunday, May 11, 2008

Ron Carey meddles with GOP delegate elections

From a ticked off 6th CD GOP delegate.
So at the 3rd and 7th district conventions Ron Carey, state party chairman stepped in front of the conventions to call Ron Paul supporters a bunch of libertarian infiltrators who are going to destroy the party, neglecting to mention that many are long time party members. He then denounced us for running slates, which he waved around, and proceeded to order the delegates to vote for HIS slate if they didn't want to lose in November.

I wonder if Ron Baert knows Meeker County didn't even count their votes during precinct caucuses because...GASP...Ron Paul won Meeker County!
I questioned what was going on in Meeker County. When I checked the Secretary of State site this morning, the only precinct that reported numbers was Cedar Mills, where Ron Paul beat Mike Huckabee 83-67. Romney finished with 55 votes, McCain 43, and Alan Keyes 7.

It remains the only precinct in Meeker County to have results posted at the SOS site.

Interesting. Ron Paul won Meeker County and the "Republican Leadership" in Meeker County decided to not send in the proper election results? They reported zero's to their party and to the Secretary of State!

It's been said that "the revolution will not be televised". The "Ron Paul Revolution" swept through Meeker County Tuesday night yet the votes weren't even reported properly.

Granted, we know Ron Carey addressed these delegates long before the "Ron Carey Gag Order" was issued, the one where he cannot talk about the sorry state of the Minnesota Republican Party's finances.

It's been 4 days since the "Ron Carey Gag Order" was exposed. When will Carey actually talk to Minnesotans about the waste, fraud, and abuse with GOP finances?

We already know they cannot count votes, at least in Meeker County.

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TwoPutt said...

republiCon Ron is doin' his damndest to make this state BLUE!!!