Thursday, August 14, 2008

Immoral Coleman Scolds Immoral Olson

For my inaugural pot/kettle edition of Blueman, we take a look at Senator Coleman's statement on Mark Olson's GOP endorsement in SD 16.

No one condones domestic violence. No one. There is never an excuse, even if one's tossing a Bible.

But how can Senator Coleman play standard bearer and cheer on the Senate Republican Caucus when Coleman himself has an "unconventional marriage"?
The Senate Republican Caucus has made the appropriate decision in rejecting the candidacy of Mark Olson. I understand there are other candidates who may remain eligible to run in the September Primary, and I would hope that they continue their efforts to become our party’s standard bearer.

Isn't that like Bill Clinton scolding John Edwards?

Coleman sides with the Senate Republican Caucus...for now.

Recall this past winter when Senator Coleman ran into some problems with the McLeod County Republican Party. Coleman responded by saying he "represents Minnesota, not just conservatives." GOP Party Chair caused problems at the State GOP Convention this year by pushing for more stringent rules which would have enabled him to exude more control over rogue BPOU's like the McLeod GOP. Coleman's fine with local control for Republicans like Mark Olson but wants state party hacks to step in to save himself from rogue county units.

The "do as I say, not as I do" Republican profile in courage at its best!

But Coleman providing marriage advice? When will Family Guy or South Park spoof this thing?

When will Larry Flynt put a million dollar bounty on Coleman's "chronic womanizing"?

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taxpaying liberal said...

What’s also amazing about Norm’s position is that he knows nothing about the other candidate the republicans put up. Nobody does.

She has never run for an office before or held any kind of public position.

She is listed as an “activist” but nobody knows what she was being an activist for.

So for all Norm knows she could be a complete wacko. Whatever she stands for is good enough for Norm because he knows better than the local 150 people who took the time to attend the convention.

Think of how bad she must have been for the 150 people to say “We’ll take the wife beater”.

I thought Norm’s pitch was that you should have some record of public service before you ran for a Senate seat. I guess that only applies to people running against him.

For 18 years Olson has been the laughing stock of the house. Now all of the sudden the Republicans are shocked at the idea of him running. MDE suddenly is offended by Olson. The Senate caucus is shocked!

Where the hell have these enablers been the last 18 years?

Where was the outrage the 1st time Olson assaulted a staffer? Or the 2nd time?

What did they say when he wore a gun on the house floor?

Where was the outrage when he was the only member of both bodies to vote against bills containing things like a task force to catch child pornographers?

The list goes on and on. He for ships being able to dump bilge water in Lake Superior, He stands alone against early childhood education. Hell he’s against public education period.

No matter to these guardians of republican purity, they don’t care how he votes or how many lives he destroys with his nonsensical bills and rhetoric. Now they are offended because he finally got arrested and convicted for what he was well known for.

Your reap what you sow, and for 18 years the Republican party has stood shoulder to shoulder with Olson.

Olson better that anyone else including Norm, represents the Republican Party in SD 16 and the Republicans here aren’t going to let a bunch of RINO’s tell them who they can endorse.