Thursday, August 14, 2008

More Lord Faris Shenanigans

Aaron, posting mostly at MnPublius, left an interesting comment last night.
I had a few questions for the PLF campaign this week and after I contacted them through a form I got a voicemail back from Bob Mattson representing the PLF campaign... from a Ft. Myers, FL area code.

Noting it was *Bob Mattson* that called me, I realized I didn't even need to call him back.

Lord Faris attacks Franken consistently for not being "Minnesotan" enough. Apparently, attacking Franken, or at least running the attacks from Florida is Minnesota like?

WTF? Seriously...not a Franken guy here but PLF needs to have a little consistency here.

My post yesterday was interesting. It seems the Mattson-Faris connection is grounded in a campaign strategy of attacking their own when they are down, even though they have zero electability themselves.

Mattson jumped on Entenza in 06, a Lord running the show.

Lord-Faris humps on Franken in 08, a Mattson running the show.



eric zaetsch said...

It's now a trifecta. Not just Brodkorb boosting Faris attack items. Now this:

With the Mattson - Faris tie, why are they not asked about the Draft Ciresi! site, and whether they were behind it???

Entenza, last time, that shadowing Hatch with a private detective crossed the line. That time it was fine. This time, it only hurts Franken. Aside from old writings, what's the complaint. Entenza had RECENTLY done the Hatch attack effort, not years ago.

Sally Jo said...

Lord Faris has spent some time campaigning in Southern Minnesota. I don't know why: the Republicans have an important primary contest on the First District congressional race and thus won't be able to crossover and vote for her. She should take her Operation Chaos campaign to other district where sho actually might be able to pick up the Republican votes she's going to need to make even the slightest showing.