Monday, October 20, 2008

Brian Davis Still Sucks on Veterans Issues

Flipping between Game 7 of the ALCS and the CD 1 debate on Channel 17, I caught Congressman Walz asking Brian Davis about Veterans issues.

It was really incredible.

For Davis to stumble once...ah, it can happen. Candidates get caught off guard on stuff all the time.

Nearly 2 weeks ago, Davis was asked what he would do to provide better educational methods and health care to Veterans. Davis had no answer.
What action would you take to provide better educational methods and health care to our veterans?

Uh let me say that my father is a retired WWII veteran and he has received some of his health care Veterans administration. As a physician part of my training in a VA hospital and I’ll tell you very good basic health care that occurs at a VA hospital. We have to respect that when people have worked there. And for the tens of millions of veterans who receive their care there.

(We?)(Who?) are always looking for improvements. I can’t identify any specific areas where we would improve the educational or healthcare methods for veterans. I know there was a recent bill passed that is doing just that.

I tell with my background, my interests, my respect for veterans. As a representative of the next congressman of this district I take this issue very seriously and will always be on the look out to make sure it is as high quality it possibly can be.

Last night, Congressman Walz asked Brian Davis the same question. Now, at a time in which our nation has soldiers deployed fighting a war on terrorism on two fronts and record numbers of servicemen and women are utilizing their benefits, you'd think Davis would have came up with a coherent answer in two weeks.

Boy, I was wrong.

Davis had that deer in the headlights look. He thanked Walz for his honorable service, talked about his dad serving in World War II, and said that due to the historic new GI Bill, that he could not think of anything he could do on Veterans issues.

Davis was clueless...again. I could not believe it.

Brian Davis does not care about Veterans. It's that simple. He'll spend hours on end reading blogs like this, checking to see what people say about him, but can't spend 5 minutes at Disabled American Veterans looking at their legislative agenda, or a letter to Congress outlining some key Veterans issues that still need to be addressed.

He could have checked out what the Veterans of Foreign Wars thinks.

But instead, Brian Davis could not think of one thing he could do for Veterans in Congress, not one.

Congressman Tim Walz has been simply amazing on Veterans issues. He gets the complexity behind the struggle to obtain benefits and the unique military culture that keeps many Veterans from asking for help.

While there was a lot more to the Tim Walz domination of Brian Davis at the League of Women Voters debate, broadcast last night, it was Brian Davis's inability to answer a simple question on Veterans issues that defined the inept nature of his campaign.


Minnesota Central said...

FYI : The League of Women Voters Public Forum was recorded on Saturday October 4th, so in fairness to Dr. Davis, he did not have two weeks to develop an answer.

The fact that Davis cannot offer any suggestions regarding veterans tells me that he is not aware of their issues. There is a pattern as he offered no ideas on funding higher education (or basic education) during the Mankato Forum held on October 13th. For someone with such a strong educational background, he just does not seem to know “real people” and their problems … In the First, we call this a contest between the “elitist” and “everyman” (as CQ and the Washington Post have labeled Congressman Walz).

dev said...

Iraq is an oil war. Terror was an excuse.

Sally Jo said...

How dare you attack our Republican Overlords!